Highway Transport Services – ROAD FREIGHT

Lara Freight offers a regional approach to logistic service for highway transport. Working with the best suppliers in the targeted destinations, it demonstrates its quality difference with its successful cargo services, especially in rough regions and countries. It provides partial or full land transportation services to all European destinations, Iraq, Middle East and Central Asia.
Lara Freight, which provides customer door delivery services at the final destination, can also provide other logistic services such as customs clearance and storage.

Lara Freight provides quality logistic services with refrigerated and curtain-sider vehicles. Thus, it is able to satisfy its customers in land transportation under difficult conditions.

The main services in highway transport: 

Regular highway transport to Europe, Central Asia and the Middle East (Import & Export)

Partial, Express, Complete transportation services

To-door delivery services

Delivery processes planning

FTL – LTL road transport services for neighboring states in the Middle East

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