Lara Freight was established in Istanbul in 2018 with its multinational structure and more than 25 years of experienced staff. Lara Freight specializes in maritime, road and combined project transportation, especially air cargo and express cargo; and successfully continues logistics services in difficult theaters such as the Middle East and Central Asia. With its strong partners experienced in import-based transportation, Lara Freight offers sea and air transportation options to its customers making their experience smooth and cost-effective with its strong partners that are located in the Far East region and experienced in import-based transportation service.

Through its logistics services, It has developed a different operational understanding based on cost and correct planning which satisfies its customers in customs and duty-free cargo, transit and multimodal transportation projects. All of the above make Lara Freight stand out among other cargo companies. Lara Freight acts with the understanding of importance of fast and safe transportation and provides the customers with other aspects of logistics services (insurance, foreign trade etc.) in addition to domestic container, door to door delivery and storage. In this regard, Lara Freight has become one of the strongest and most energetic companies in the logistics sector with its pro-operation team that can use technology and communication in the most effective way in order to reach a high quality service.

Lara Freight’s vision in the logistics sector:
Eliminates the possibility of bad surprises in logistics services with its rational movement logic.
Discovers and recognizes all destinations with technology and communication and offers the advantage of know-how to customers.
With diversity in flexible and variable planning and successful low-cost operations, it contributes to the competitiveness of its customers in their business with the world.

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