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Lara Freight provides transportation and advantageous logistic services for all cargoes, small or large, with special fees that are negotiated over all airlines, IATA and NON IATA.

In addition, it reveals the service difference) through the contracts with special agencies that will take your shipments directly to the address, providing a secure door to door delivery service. Your air cargo shipments will reach their destination quickly and successfully with the on time service of experienced airline companies over the countries where we developed the most import trading bonds, especially in the Far East and Europe. Our experienced operation team follows all the processes related to your cargoes and reports you the tracking steps that has been taken through the course of destination.

Lara Freight, with its success and remarkable volume in Arabian countries, Dubai and the Middle East shipments, provides the best priced service for all package shipments (even the smallest one paged files).
Owing the special contracts with global airlines in express cargo transportation, all your duty-free shipping requirements will be met completely.

The main services in air transport :

Airport to airport transportation services

Regular consolidated shipments through the Middle East, Far East and Europe

Express Cargo Transportation

Combined Transportation (Aircraft + Road) (Ship + Land)

Transit loading transportation

Door to door delivery service

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